The Eklund Project - Tanya Eklund’s Realtor Webisodes

Tanya Eklund is one of the top realtors in Canada. This web series brings focus on who she is - as a person, a wife, a mother, and a philanthropist. Our focus was to shed light on personal areas of Tanya’s life, not just promoting her as a realtor. We travel to her hometown, get introduced to her family, take a look at her workout routine, and get insight on the things she cares about the most. It was a real pleasure creating this 9 part series for her!

Introduction - Watch this episode for an overall look at what the series is about.

Family - Tanya introduces us to her family and her close friend. She explain how important it is to always make time for them.

Fitness - Fitness is as important as a business meeting.

Hometown - Tanya takes us to her hometown of Wetaskiwin, Alberta!

Realtor - Tanya speaks on some of the key focuses to being an excellent realtor.

Philanthropy - Giving back is one of the most important aspects of life for Tanya.

Teamwork - Tanya speaks on one of the most important elements of business. Teamwork.

Small Business - Tanya talks about the key fundamentals to starting a business.

Mentorship - Tanya speaks on the importance of having a mentor.