Travels through Arizona...

For the next week I'll be travelling through Arizona - starting in Sedona for a little golf and a couple hikes, then making my way up to Antelope Canyon, and finishing it off at the Grand Canyon. Perfect opportunity to capture some images...

Whole Bunch of Canyons, AZ

A few days have gone by, and I have seen a lot of amazing things. Mostly, a whole bunch of canyons. Starting in Page, I took a photo tour through a couple mind blowing canyons - Rattlesnake Canyon and Antelope Canyon.

Then I checked out Horseshoe Bend, just south of Page.

Finally, to top it off, made it to the Grand Canyon for a few days. And let me tell you, the Grand Canyon truly is a beast. I'm sure you've heard it before, "pictures don't do justice", and this is true. If you haven't yet witnessed the Grand Canyon, I highly recommend it, and check out the rest of Arizona while you're at it, there is a lot to be seen!

Page, AZ

Made the 3 hour drive north to Page from Sedona. Saw some interesting landscapes - some similar to what we see in Alberta, followed by some huge cliffs and red rock canyons. Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Canyon tomorrow! 

Sedona, AZ

Nice little town, surrounded by amazing Red Rock views. I played a round of golf at Sedona Golf Resort, awesome course! Then took in a couple hikes at Bell Rock and Doe Mountain. Some amazing sights to be seen, too bad I'm only here for 1 day.

Here are some of the sights in Sedona, time-lapse style!