Hockey Canada - World Junior A Challenge 2018

I had the great opportunity to join the Hockey Canada team at the 2018 World Junior A Challenge, hosted in Bonnyville, AB. We created 3 features - One on the indigenous community of Frog Lake, one on 2 long-time teammates now both on the same team Canada, and one a on a 3rd sibling to be experiencing a Hockey Canada tournament.

Parks Canada - Bison Re-Introduction Webisodes

I could not be more thankful to have had this opportunity, to witness and document the bison re-introduction into Banff National Park. This has been a huge undertaking by Parks Canada as bison have been absent in the park for about 150 years. Until now, as they roam free yet again.


The Preparation

The Release

Evolve Retreat Co. - Documentary Promo

Our latest mini doc promo for Evolve Retreat Co. It was a pleasure working on this! Such an awesome team. bringing together an amazing retreat experience! Check out the short teasers as well!

Evolve Retreat Co. is a premier all-inclusive luxury retreat for personalized fitness, yoga, clean eating, nutrition & adventure in the Canadian Rockies. We had the opportunity to film their last retreat, capturing their daily activities, then cutting together this mini documentary promo, including interviews from the Evolve Team members, and some testimonials from a some participants.